What Are Your Core Values?

What Are Your Core Values?

Whether it is in your personal life, on a team or a part of a company; you need core values. I’ve been a part of a lot of teams. Some that have been really cohesive and successful and some that were discombobulated and underachieving. The teams that struggled the most were often the ones that lacked clarity and understanding of core values and principles. It’s hard to get everyone to buy into a collective goal when you don’t fully understand what “buying in” entails. Similarly, it's hard to live the life you want to if your values don't align with your ambition or vision. 

Core values are the compass that guides you when you’re facing adversity and uncertainty. They keep the ship together when it's about to fall apart. When you’re being pulled in two different directions, your values give you guidance in your decision making and your actions. Your core values help you find the right people in your life to surround yourself with. Your core values allow you to trust yourself and be exactly who you are because when you know your core values, there is no second guessing yourself.

For MTD, our core values are our foundation. The goal of More Than Different is to empower others to see more in themselves by embracing their authenticity and igniting their ambition. Our mission is a vision and it’s only attainable through our core values, which are the paradigm for how Colin and I strive to live our lives. 

We have three core values for More Than Different. 

Appreciate. Celebrate. Elevate. 

Appreciate all the opportunities, people, experiences and challenges that you encounter because they are all chances to grow, interact and find out more about the most honest and authentic version of yourself and others.

Celebrate and embrace the authenticity and ambition that lies within us all. When you can celebrate the success of others, those same people will be there to celebrate your success when it arises. That feeling is indescribable. There is no place for envy. 

Elevate by constantly looking for more in yourself. When you begin to see more in yourself, you will naturally begin to see more in others. We are never arriving, but we can always be becoming by seeking to maximize our potential. Elevate yourself and encourage those around you to elevate themselves. 

Everyday, I look for my opportunities to appreciate, celebrate and elevate because they are integral values in my life. I make plenty of mistakes and I regret things, but my values are always there whispering to me saying, "This way. Let's get back on track."

It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

Once you figure them out, your actions and your lifestyle will fall in line.  

So it begs the introspective question: What are your core values? 


Brendan McNamara

 MTD Co-Founder

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