Authentic not Perfect

Authentic not Perfect

Be Authentic, not Perfect.

We have this idea that “Perfection” is an attainable goal or lifestyle, but the pursuit of perfection only hinders our progress towards becoming our authentic self. Chasing “perfection” is a lifestyle of conformity, modeling yourself around a paradigm society deems to be the path you should take. Certain careers and lifestyles are overly glorified due to the facade of flawlessness we create. Naturally, we try to mirror the lifestyle of the people we’ve come to understand as  “Perfect.” Eventually, life will humble you and you’ll realize perfection isn’t even attainable; our emulation only causes us to lose our individuality and authenticity; our greatest superpower, if harnessed. 

Ultimately, our individuality provides us each with an opportunity to write our own story, to embrace our true self, and to inspire others to elevate themselves. We can alleviate the pressure of “perfect” through our ambitious pursuit to maximize our potential as individuals, and surround ourselves with people who empower us to be our authentic self in all facets of life. 

It’s not the individual who conforms themselves with the sole intent of remaining in the good graces of others that stands out. Rather, it is those who have the courage to be their authentic self, ambitiously maximize their potential, and elevate and empower those around them, who are truly admirable. Authenticity attracts authenticity. Real recognizes real. 

Authenticity is a superpower we can all choose to possess. It is rooted deep inside of us but always lingers; it’s waiting to be beamed into the world. But to have what we really want, we must first be who we really are. Otherwise, we’re wasting our most potent natural ability. Our ability to flex our own muscles and say “This is who I am and I don’t give a damn whether you love it or hate it.” The right people will appreciate you for who you are. There’s absolutely no sense in trying to make everyone like you. You should not be surrounding yourself with people who don’t afford you the same respect with which you treat them.

Appreciate the opportunity to express your real self because it’s your ticket to living an untethered and fulfilling life. It’s your chance to embrace who you are, and see more in yourself. When you can appreciate and embody your authenticity, you can celebrate the distinct qualities that make others so. Along your journey, always push those around you to see more in themselves and their potential. 

Maximizing our potential isn’t synonymous with Perfection. It is the process of continued growth through every step of your road, working towards improvement not flawlessness. We’re not here to be perfect. We’re never going to be perfect. But we damn sure can be authentic. 

Find your true self and be that self unapologetically.

Maximize who that is. 

Ascend with those around you.

And always strive to be authentic, not perfect. 

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Brendan McNamara

Co-Founder of MTD


Rowan Paoletti-Newton

MTD Blog Writer

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