Celebrating Others

Celebrating Others

We all grow and evolve at our own pace, going through different experiences at different phases of our lives. Yet, there is an unfortunate proclivity to be bothered by the journey of others. Oftentimes, our inclination is to compare ourselves to other people to gauge how we measure up against them, and determine our own value as an individual. This is one of our greatest flaws when it comes to appreciating the individuality within us all. Celebrating the journey of others not only elevates people around us, but it eliminates envy, allowing our authentic self to shine through. 

Living life comparatively takes away from our ability to celebrate individuals discovering their self and their potential. Envy only holds us back from elevating who we are. It brings in avoidable friction that hinders our progress because we expend energy on contemplating uncontrollable circumstances. Seeing other people ascend should provide us momentum, strengthening our drive to continue on our journey, and maximize our opportunities.


Society has ostensibly been molded into one big competition and it has taken away from the joy we get from seeing others thrive. One of the most powerful abilities we have is choosing to express genuine happiness for the accomplishments of people around us. Our support towards others elevates and empowers those people to continue on their path. When you feel noticed and acknowledged, there is a deeper sense of purpose because you’re now not just doing it for yourself but for your team. This becomes a revolving cycle. 

There is no better feeling than expressing genuine happiness for the success of those in your circle and having them reciprocate it when your success arrives. Although our journeys may progress at different rates one thing remains constant: successes, no matter how small, can always be celebrated and acknowledged. 

We can’t control the journey of other people, the path they take, and the decisions they make, but we can control our responses and reactions toward other people’s progress and success. If we choose celebration over comparison, we can begin to collectively bridge the gap that so often divides us. 

With acceptance of others' journeys, we can create relatability and allow ourselves to empathize with others, finding unity in a common goal. The goal is to elevate ourselves and those around us as we enter a road of discovering and maximizing our authentic self. Our circumstances may differ, but we all understand the inevitable challenges of life that unaccompanied, can seem insurmountable. Our differences bond us because we are ALL on a perpetual journey of self discovery and self actualization, even if our roads vary. 

Be happy for the success of others. 

Celebrate it and it will come back to you. 

We can ALL soar. 

Brendan McNamara

Rowan Paoletti-Newton

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