Laughin’ is Livin’

Laughin’ is Livin’

A few nights ago, me, Colin, my Mom and my Dad went to Jerry Seinfield’s stand up comedy show at Wang Theatre in Downtown Boston. I had never been to a comedy show before so I didn’t know what to expect. For 90 minutes, Jerry Seinfeld had the whole audience laughing profusely with his wittiness and comedic genius. We were watching a master at work. It was like seeing Michael Jordan in his prime; you just knew it was going to be special. 

The evening served as a testament to how unmatched it is to Just Laugh! Laughter is the greatest remedy that we all have access to. There is a distinction between taking yourself seriously and taking life seriously. We all often take life too seriously, and it blinds us from the joy and humor that lies in the mundane and banal things we get caught up in. Moments of laughter with yourself and with those around you will make us temporarily forget about the uncertain and insignificant things in our lives. 

Maybe it’s the people we surround ourselves with that allow us to laugh more. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re no fun. Or maybe it’s a concerted effort we individually need to make to allow ourselves to laugh more. Laughter creates joy and joy is liberation. Life is difficult and there will always be new challenges coming your way. But the ability to laugh with others and not at others reminds us how simple life can be. Take yourself seriously but don’t take life too seriously because you may miss the endless opportunities to create moments with others driven by the power of laughter. 

If we just keep laughin’, we’ll just keep livin’

Life is a combination of moments and memories. 

Few things create better memories than laughter.


- Brendan McNamara

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