Love Yourself and You'll Never be Alone

Love Yourself and You'll Never be Alone

As I go through life, I learn more and more how important being able to rely on myself is. Outside obstacles present themselves in various ways and it can leave us feeling powerless because we think the circumstances are out of our control. At least that's how I've felt. All of a sudden, apathy and self-doubt creeps in. I have wrestled with these exact feelings for the past few years and eventually I've connected some of the dots to understand where this comes from so I can better combat these sentiments.

When we are constantly with people, we grow accustomed to how we are viewed by our peers. So much so that we begin to only see in ourselves what others see in us. In the brand name "More Than Different", the idea of being "More Than" is so paramount to our mission because so often, we only see a fraction of our value and potential because we don't use our own lens to see the beauty and ability in ourselves. Instead, we see it through the lens of those around us and the perceptions of others can warp how we measure our value. Ideally, the people around us instill confidence in who we are and make us feel appreciated and valued, but when they're not around to do that, or if they're making us feel the antithesis, then what do we do? 

To allow your most authentic self to shine through is to see more in yourself than others do. No matter what, we will always have ourselves, and when we start to explore and discover our true essence, we can grow to love who we are. Self love empowers us to be in control of our own perception and strips power from those who diminish our value. When we are charged physically, mentally, and emotionally by certainty in ourselves, we can combat loneliness and always find comfort in our own presence even while around others. 

When I face conflicting thoughts about my self perception, I become at war with myself and victory seems out of my control. The knowledge and appreciation of myself grounds me through all the chaos. I've learned that until we understand ourselves and can feel peace alone, it is harder to open up to others about what we're truly feeling. On the other side of this journey, it does get better and the ability to be at peace alone pays dividends in finding authentic happiness on our pursuit of maximizing ourselves.

If we're lucky in this lifetime, we’ll find those who empower us with confidence and support, to make us see more in who we are. But, regardless, there comes a time when you are on your own and that love and support is only found intrinsically. We can't always be coddled by those who support us and have our best interest in mind because just like us, they have their own life marathon to run and they may run in a different direction. 

The love we receive from others can nurture us in the journey of discovering self-love. The difficulty of our journey may be greatly increased, should we do it alone; however, our internal belief and love in ourselves can guide us through all of life's  trials and tribulations. 

When you start seeing more in yourself, you can begin to see more in others and that is what truly lies within a More Than Different lifestyle.  

Love yourself. Then love yourz. 


Brendan McNamara

MTD Co-Founder

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