Take Some Time to Reflect

Take Some Time to Reflect

As the calendar year comes to a close, it is the perfect time to reflect on the year 2022 as a whole. Life moves rapidly, and at times, it can even feel overwhelming and exhausting. Along the way, we may not get the chance to really bookmark what days and moments particularly stood out because we’re in the midst of life’s incessancy.

Since I’ve gotten to college, I’ve developed a habit of reflecting on each week to assess where I’m at relative to the prior week. It's often remarkable noticing how much transpires in just a week span and the small changes that occur. There are certainly days along this journey where the light at the end of the tunnel is inconspicuous and some days where the light is vivid. Through it all, reflecting can give us a sense of our direction. 

In just one week alone, we feel so many different emotions and have myriad experiences. Now think about a whole year. Within twelve months, we often lose track of all the notable moments along the way that have led to the most updated version of ourselves. To me, reflecting is less about reminiscing or harping on the past. Rather, it is about connecting the dots and understanding how each experience and phase of our life has contributed to who we are becoming. 

When we have some hindsight, we may start to realize that the inevitable ups and downs of a whole year don’t just become good and bad memories. They also become small, invaluable lessons that provide us with wisdom and awareness that can elevate us as we embark on our coming years. Within twelve months, our perspective can shift drastically. I started out in 2022 at the halfway point of my senior year of high school and now I’m at the halfway point of my freshman year of College. The problems I had twelve months ago, six months ago and even one month ago, are different from the ones I have today. This is a testament to how we grow and evolve throughout each year. 

When you reflect on the year 2022, maybe you’re eager to flip the page and start fresh. Or maybe and hopefully, you reflect on 2022 and remember all the wins and losses along the way that remind you how rewarding this journey can be. 

Each month, day, hour and moment is all a dot to be connected on our road of self discovery.

Once the dots connect, we can discover our true potential and settle for nothing less.

I wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year and hope you all take the time to reflect on 2022 heading into 2023. There’s more to learn than you think. 

Time to level up. 


Brendan McNamara

MTD Co-Founder

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Great perspective, Brendan. Looking back to reflect on our experiences with goals of using our lessons for growth is something we should all do! I would add that finding joy and pleasure in the more mundane, simple aspects of our daily lives can lead to more fulfilling days, months and years! You’re the man!

Michael Crotty

Even at my age, reflection can give insight into personal growth. Thanks for reminding me, Brendan

Eileen Murphy-McNamara

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