The Bonding Power of Music

The Bonding Power of Music

Sometimes when we listen to music, we don’t fully experience its essence. Music is amazing for a multitude of reasons: it has the power to bring together millions of people, expand our culture in new ways, and even make long, brutal drives just a bit less brutal. There are myriad genres of music with each artist conveying a different story, offering a space for relatability. For many people, living without music is something that would be simply impossible. 

 The versatility of music offers great utility. Our mercurial nature causes us to gravitate toward music that compliments our current emotional state. Whether it be sadness, loneliness or happiness, there is always an ideal song, album, or artist for the moment. When we’re looking to get in the Zone, our music of choice likely differs from what we want to hear when we’re with friends, or want to be in our feelings. 

In our search for connection with others, music greatly enhances our pursuit. Consider concerts. Concerts bring together people from all demographics and communities because of a shared love for an artist or genre. It brings out a natural sense of togetherness that feels absent too often. Music captivates audiences, allowing listeners to see one commonality between ourselves, and everyone else: an appreciation and enjoyment for the art and the moment. 

When we consider what has the potency to bond our culture, few things have the impact that music does. Maybe sports, food, or films. The list is short, but certainly incomplete without mentioning emotions. Sometimes negativity and divisiveness cloud us from remembering the power of unity; music reminds us. Music can consolidate community, which bridges the gap between us, enabling us to find a common message that bonds us. Shared emotions and relatable experiences are such a powerful way to mutually empathize. 

Music not only allows us to share an affinity with others but also connect with ourselves. 

Finding the words to articulate what we’re feeling is so difficult. When we don’t understand what we’re feeling or why we’re feeling it, we can feel so disconnected from ourselves. However, music realigns us. Music creates relatability, allowing us to feel empathized with and comforted. Lyrics capture our thoughts and feelings, which hits us; it’s poignant. In that moment, when we say Yes! This is exactly how I'm feeling! We experience the true power and beauty of music. 

Music can remedy loneliness, provoke happiness, and make us get real groovy. Our darkest and most vulnerable feelings are recognized and understood within musics storytelling. This empowers us to work through our enigmatic emotions, and connect with ourselves more deeply. Then again, it also may make us want to fist pump till our arm falls off. So multi-dimensional. It’s a beautiful thing.

As we all navigate life's vicissitudes, we will never be alone because music creates a community we are all a part of.  We can also find a deeper connection to ourselves that offers us comfort, peace, and security through the inevitable emotional ups and downs. 

There is music for every mood and every moment. 

Music is there for you. 

Go get groovy!


Brendan McNamara

Rowan Paoletti-Newton

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