The Climb

The Climb

Over the weekend, I graduated high school. A pretty inevitable feat but for some reason it revealed so many raw emotions in me. 

Ebullience, happiness, relief, nostalgia and vulnerability. 

When a road ends, especially one filled with so many ups and even more downs, there is a moment where your most authentic emotions reveal themselves and they paint the whole picture. I felt that to an extreme when I realized my time at the Noble and Greenough School was over. Tears came down my face as I hugged family, friends and faculty. My whole high school journey replayed in my head. All the mental, physical and emotional challenges of the past several years felt all so worth it in that moment. It was a small victory that appeared at the end of a long windy road. 

Just like a lot of poignant moments, this one didn't last for too long. After a little while, I began to realize that now I'm back at square one. That road ended and now a new one will begin once I catalyze it. Those moments of profound feeling exhibit such raw emotions because of the climb. When you reach the destination, it isn't the destination that makes it so special but rather it is everything that led up to that moment. The unforgiving, grueling yet rewarding climb that creates the essence of those moments. 

End of the school year means beginning of the summer. Time to start climbing another mountain.


Brendan McNamara

Co-Founder More Than Different 

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