MTD Humor

MTD Humor

For as much backlash as social media receives for having a negative influence, one thing is for certain: social media is pretty damn funny. Some of the best laughs happen from scrolling through IG, tiktok or twitter and seeing relatable memes and sharing them with your friends. Then they send another classic one back. I like to call it meme ping pong. One of the better digital games. 

About a month ago, we started the MTD Humor page on Instagram with a logo inspired by Seinfeld. There is not much rhyme or reason to the page other than to incorporate elements of humor into our content stream. As alluded to in a blog last October titled Laughin is Livin, few things are better than laughter. Similar to how having a growth mindset can lead to seeing better results, having a humor mindset leads to more laughter. 

The page is an array of witty and relatable content ranging from pop culture references to esoteric inside jokes. Our following has not grown immensely YET, but the views are consistently pretty high which tells me people are intrigued.

Down the line, the hope is to make some short skits and even host some comedy nights with the hope of doing one thing: making people laugh. 

Laughin is Livin.

Twitter: @mtdhumor

IG: @mtdhumor


Brendan McNamara

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